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Pure Water


Welcome to my garden
Welcome to my house
Do you want to know me
I don’t

Some of you never knew me
Some of you never will
Is it just a question
Of will

Help and advice – Can you hear me?
Of course you can – You’re inside me

Bad words – Now come arrest me
I have some more of these
All is one and one is all

Leave your mind and your privacy
Leave your world and your dreams
Flee to an island far away
They know everything

I’m falling deep into a hole of memories
And it all makes sense – Now I know what to believe

My rights – Enjoy the desert heat
Don’t care – They’re gone legally
All is one and one is all

One by one

What is real close beside you?
And what is worth to defend?
It’s not like it was before
it’s not like it was before

They know everything

Sugar, Alcohol and Huge Orgasm

Say “Hi” my narrow-minded boy
Stay blind and ignore the noise
Brain-deads and the happy few
Kiss me I’m in a romantic mood

Dear mom keep talking to yourself
Issues are so hard to sell
You fall in love and into hell
Give it back – back from where it came

Stain my name
You have to undergo
Set your mind
So freely

I hear you singing in the trees
Bittersweet melodies
Burn it all and let it go
Decision was made in embryo

Can’t hide
You’re high


Hey you I’ve been waiting again
Hey you I’ve been trying to do it right
From within – From outside
There is nothing that I wouldn’t have tried
From In front – Or behind
Perhaps it’s our linguistic divide

No – We’re getting nowhere
Oh no -  We’re getting nowhere

Hey you I’ve been waiting again
Hey you what are you hiding behind
Call me friend – I never lie
Let me know how you look from the inside
Small cut – It won’t hurt
As long as the daze is going to work

We are the ones from outside

The body is a secret
Secret is a lie
With an own area

Hey you I’ve been waiting no more


There must be a reason
For waking up today
It’s in my head
There is no escape

Here it comes again
It won’t let you go
Just one of those feelings
You once knew

Yeah what are you looking for?
You got all you need
Yeah you want more and more
It’s too much to keep

I’m going mad
It breaks my head

Come on puzzle me
Piece by piece
It’s your mission in life

Stop to Deceive
Him and her and me
and all the public enemies

A second left
‘till I collapse

In between
Up and down
Here it comes
Round and round and round

W. A. R.

Is it okay for you when I lay here?
Is it okay for you when I breathe?
I don’t need no valuation – Of my own
I don’t need no democracy

You do what you want anyway
You don’t really want me to stay

Work in time – Mesmerized
Do it again – Day and Night
Always done – Never go white
Never go white

It will be easier in the future
Is what they told us in the past
And when your fight is never ending – So or so
You can be sure that it won’t last

Let’s invest some millions into useless stuff
We can build it higher than we thought
So we live in peace with each and every one
I can see the rabbits in the dark


Black Hole


You can decide if it’s fiction
Stay in the infinite loop
You better use some protection
I would if I could


I promised you satisfaction
Always and evermore
Show me the right direction
Let’s look into the sun


I want to fly
Hang around with you
Might be the best
That we can do


Remember my day of sailing
You can be sure that I won’t
And it is so hard to learn it
Again and again and again


Who are you
And Who am I


Marry Me


Inner Circle


I just want to tell you I’m alright
Please don’t hesitate to ask me why
Existence got chapped once I was used to fly
I like to drink your tears and dream away


Now I’m out of guaranty you can’t change me


I’m miles away
From sobriety
I’m living the lie


I hear other voices sometimes I
Refuse to do what they want me to and my
Existence got chapped once I was used to fly
I like to drink my tears and dream away


We met every day
You got all these words to say
Finally I’m feeling free
Hanging on the Judas tree



Useful Youth


Come around, make a sound, beat it down
Let it go - Lose your self-control
You never know what to do
It’s like tomorrow’s never coming - So boring
Let’s blow up someone
No warning or calling - Around


Hey youth – What is wrong with you?
Hey youth – Are you proud?


Cheat and fight, drink and drive, rape a child
You’re welcome to the generation gap
Anyway - And anyhow
I write it as simple as I’m pleased with I mean it
No hidden messages
Hear it believe it - Or don’t


Someday they will die
Hopefully all alone


Hey youth – Pulsation of today
Hey youth – Do it right, do it right
Just go away - Just get away
Get outside my view



My Day


It’s so easy to take another way – My friend
It’s not easy, try not to complain – Again
Forgiven, forgot and god forgives you
It’s confusing I switch on the light – Surprise


The speed of sound
Above the ground
Is way too late
What do you want from me?


It’s so easy to copy and paste – My friend
It’s not easy to fear for your life - Again


And sometimes I wonder - When we will start
To overview it all
And sometimes I wonder - What we expect
From what’s behind it all


Never regret - Never give back
What you found out at all
Never regret - Never give back
You did it right - And you are still alive
You did it right



Joy and Sorrow


I just want to sleep- When she’s calling
She talks right next to me - And I’m falling


It’s such a new disguise
You don’t mind it
Let me fade away


You got to burn them all
You got to fight them all
You got to burn them all
The barriers between us


I never thought about - An easy question
Without any doubt - You just let them


Go and find their aim
You don’t mind it
Let me fade away


Wish me luck - Teenage crime
Open up and open wide
Wish me luck - Teenage crime



Beyond Remedy


We all hear it when nature calls
It’s not for you so let it ring
As long as you’re not able to feel it
Or even understand a thing


You can pray as much as you want
Hopefully it’s not to Satan
We have to make up an excuse
Before it’s getting boring to kill it all

I got nothing more to do
I think of what I wear
I believe everything is true
And all is under repair


Free birds in the sky
Leave this place for a while
I get around to remind
I saw them dead as a child


Too Many
Too Much



Observe The Silence

It’s a silent cry
The eclipse of the moon is complete
Awaiting your reply
You also talk when I’ve fallen asleep

I can see you smile
Laugh about the things we have done
You cannot arrive
Free of guilt but forced to move on


You’re my diamond mine
Endless echoes in my jar of sand
Addicted to blue wine
Take a walk on my big hand





Melting Skin

When I left my sleeve today
Wasn’t sure if I come back
Somehow I forget what I meant to say
And I’m ill if I don’t make any sound

I don’t have an attitude
Like Everyone I had no choice
Is it me or another you
Happily - I become dry


And I’m deep frozen meat
I like to eat what I see
Dancing in your cave


Don’t need anybody
You don’t need anybody
I don’t need anybody
But me


But I guess
I will find
The way back to the fruit of mine
Cause I am used
To live



Merry Mood

Do we have to clear the ground?
Do you like it up or down?
Do we have to run around?
Do we have to

Happy up to now


I’m having a reverie yeah
Yeah I’ve said I like you a lot and seriously I wonder why



Cheer Up

First you want me - Now you don’t
That’s ok there’re so many of us
Can’t run away - Not alone
Ask yourself what’s empathy

I am not here to make friends
Life’s too short - I won’t rely on you
Can’t run away - Not alone
I’m done


And there is something you should know
I’m in love again


I’ve never want to - Be a thing
I’m good enough to feed you
Can’t run away - Not alone
Don’t wait come clean on me


Now I have to go - No coming’ back
Life’s too short - I won’t rely on you
Can’t run away - Not alone
I’m done


You can cut me up
I will start to cry
You can cut me up


I am Done
I am Done



Cold Shiver


You are such a girly slug - Often victimized
Cruel father woman hater - Don’t apologize


Let’s see how far you come
Smell the sweat - Imbrue with your fear


Blind lane



Air of Perfume

Afraid of losing someone you don’t need
Who are you supposed to be?
Waiting for the day when we will meet
Drown my sorrow - It’s good to know that

Everyone is sweeter than me


Empty promises - I can’t make it alone
As far as I know always on the run
No trust for human, take a stranger home
Well, I guess I am fooled by...


Everyone is sweeter than me


Restore calm is so much fun
It’s no fun and I am not calm
And I am not insane





You said I’m in a very bad state – state
You said all I love is hate
You said I must be up to fun – fun  
You said I’m nothing but I’m dumb

It’s my god who talks to me
And I will follow you
There’s a gun inside of me


Mentally lazy and out of square
Hear my mayday – maybe it’s not fair
I’ve already lost my childhood faith
All in all it’s my perfect way





Rare disease over here
Soon they come and disappear
Distorted numbers everywhere

It’s all happening again
I have to take my medicine

Sue me minder I don’t care
Replace your age and I don’t care
Say it loud and I don’t dare
But I guess I get accustomed to

Naked breast - Slit bellies
Breadline, terror and the carping rich
Cemented mouth - At your home
Starving soul


Get out
Out of my head





Come to the fore - Happy life
I’m your burden
And I’m out of sight

Searching for - A reason to stay
There is no heal
But someone to blame


Believe me - For today
Or leave me


Can you hear me?
Interrupt this recess
Walking down the coast of ungratefulness
“Be Someone Else”
Is just a part of the test
I used to know - But I’m too slow


And I’m waiting
At the door



Golden Chair

He - The one without a face
She - Is not even mentioned
No proof of co-existence
Ignorance is my excuse

Down on my knees to save my mind
Down on my knees to save it all
Down on my knees to save my mind
Down on my knees at all


I will never seduce you
It’s all free


But if you have some time
You might explain me why
All these kids have to die
You should know the reason why
And it’s all so easy for you
It’s not



Secret Matter


Fanatic but unsure to write
It’s so hard to complete the ryhme
Strong affection won’t make sense at all

Who cares - right or wrong
I wish I could see unborn
Something’s still without a name

Drowning in your devided sea
Happier than I used to be
Something’s still without a name

Addiction seems to be the perfect aim


I have to walk on another side
Yeah it’s not worth our time
Doesn’t matter what I say
Doesn’t matter afraight to stay


Hurry up don’t go too far
They’re done now I can start
Prey on me I won’t complain at all

You’re the paper I’m the glue
Imagine things I ain’t allowed to do
Something’s still without a name
Addiction seems to be the perfect aim


Who cares?
Right or wrong
Tongue kiss
With a cold


She’s ill today
Someone’s gonna pay
Look out



Blindmans Holiday

Here I am don’t look at me
It’s so cold today
I’m still around don’t ask me why
Need a place to stay

I try another lie
And you see I’m right

Can’t feel and I still want to lose
‘Cause you can’t get it right

There is something I don’t know
I wonder where I went wrong
But does it matter anyway
Isn’t it senseless at all?


Say goodbye
You’re not one of those
Who will remind  
It’s a golden age


I’m deaf and dumb
And another day is gone



Jolly June


The sun won’t shine    
‘Cause you’re not around
Breathe it all in and breathe it all out

I’m faking a view
It’s making me smile
Surviving the day just for a while


Hold on ‘till I’m gone


Sleeping somehow tonight
Without any sleep
I’m hearing the sound of your voice


It’s warm inside
I want you to know
It’s boring to work
I don’t want to go


We could have fun - Anywhere
It’s heart against mind
It’s so unclear


I know
You know
There is an end


Like a child in a toy store
I just can’t get enough



Sleep Paralysis


Some kind of nature
We’ve run out of time
Some kind of nature
What is more

Easy to train
Unable to pay
Your home


Some kind of nature - I will follow you
Some kind of nature - Welcome past

Below value - Fall into
Below value - Let it fall

Isolation - Masturbation
Isolation - Let it fall
Below value - Let it fall


I get an infection without help
My turn - Let me try


Something new starts
And I can’t see the end
And I won’t see the end


Don’t you know it’s wrong to steal
Silence silence


Nothing left to say
Let me try



Lead Astray

Lay Down on the ground
Look at you
Smell yourself ‘cause there is
Nobody else

And every day seems to be the same
The same

Old sky - what do you see?
Fallen tears
They are dry
And won’t be wet


And I don’t need anything
I don’t need anything
But I - I need warmth
And I don’t want anything
I don’t want anything
But I   - I want it all


And every day seems to be the same

I’m on the ground


I am blind
Forgive me