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04.11.2017 Muggefug, Cottbus


PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]

Alternative/Grunge/Noise — Berlin


NAPE is aiming for new targets, stepping forward from behind the shades of genres and going for enhancement, new creations and fantasy. As if to prove that, Nape flew to Brazil to record with co-producer Che Costa in August 2013. The riots and protests, the frustration and despair of a nation, the band experienced far from home, wouldn’t let them or the recordings unaffected….Atmosphere? Dense and oppressive.


‘Read My Mind’, that’s purposeful spontaneity. Head-voice and shouting. Old-school Melancholia-Rock meets Stoner based Noise guitars. Social Distortion meets QOTSA. Gaslight Anthem or The Replacements could also be referred to, just as well as the Aussies around Children Collide and Violent Soho.


Even the lyrics display the progress of the band. Instead of the expected Grunge-stuff, one can hear more grown statements now that keep the ironical and/or cynical touch up. Topics like society and individualism, trust and egomania, spiced up with some personal experiences, make for lyrics whose messages can be transferred to nearly anyone.


The accustomed cast of Steve Gerisch (git+voc), Ronny Rau (dr+backings) and Chris Seime (bs) of 2010 also has extended in 2014: Chris Kiel (2nd git) joined the band and from that day forth Nape has this wall of sound.